Above the Bed Decor Ideas 12 Ways to Decorate Over a Bed

Above the Bed Decor Ideas 12 Ways to Decorate Over a Bed

When it comes to above the bed decor ideas, there’s a multitude of chic options to suit every taste, from adding a shelf to showcasing plants and art, to hanging an eclectic mix of mirrors or artwork.

The wall above a bed is so often overlooked, but it can be a canvas to elevate your bedroom scheme and create a strong focal point, drawing attention to a beautiful headboard, too.

These over-the-bed wall decor ideas are just some of our favorites. Adding them to your wishlist of bedroom ideas can enrich your space.

Bedroom wall decor ideas are often centered around a feature wall, such as one with a chimney breast on it. However, using the wall over the bed to create a display can be hugely effective, especially in a space that has little architectural interest or, indeed, space.

‘Above the bed decor ideas are traditional ways to bring a focal point to the bedroom, whether it be a statement wall color or wallpaper pattern, or a piece of art,’ says Connor Prestwood, interior designer at home decor brand Dowsing & Reynolds.

Make a Statement With a Mural

Wall mural ideas are an easy way to add drama to a space with little effort. And decorating with murals is a trend that’s on the rise. A marvellous mural has always been popular, but something extra striking and eye-catching is most definitely what we’re seeing more of in bedrooms,’ says Lucy St George, of Rockett St George. ‘Perfect for making a statement on the wall of your bed, bold metallics, florals or a marble effect will always add character to your sleeping space.’

Incorporate Natural Elements With Botanical Art

You simply can’t go wrong with a pretty botanical print. Their popularity dates all the way back to Victorian times and the look is truly timeless, perfect for country vibes and elegant gallery wall ideas.

‘Artwork is a go-to for us at Sims Hilditch when planning what will hang above a bed in a bedroom,’ says Louise Wicksteed, Sims Hilditch Design Director.

‘Be sure to choose something that mirrors your chosen aesthetic. For instance, if your home is in the country and you have opted for lots of natural materials in your interior. You might select an antique print of the local wildlife or scenery.’

Bounce Light Around The Room With Multiple Mirrors

Why stick to one mirror when you can make the wall above the bed look arty – and bright – with multiple mirrors? This bedroom accent wall idea is a great idea for small or dark spaces.

Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill, says: ‘A popular option is to place an eclectic mix of mirrors above the bed, creating an eye-catching display that bounces light around your room.

‘Opt for designs with metallic edges to add a little extra shimmer and place them at different heights along the wall to create a truly stunning visual piece.’

Use Craft Buys To Create a Unique Display

Conjure up a Kit Kemp vibe with intriguing finds displayed above the bed. These bohemian bedroom ideas are enduringly popular, adding color, texture, and life to a space.

Nadia McCowan Hill comments: ‘Arts and crafts have undergone a huge revival in the past year with crochet and knitwear becoming 2022’s must-have items.

‘An easy way to incorporate this trend into your interiors is by hanging macrame designs above your bed. The natural materials add a grown-up boho vibe to the room and are a super-easy way to stay bang on trend.’

Put a Shelf Above The Bed

‘Consider taking the time to install a shelf along the wall behind your bed that will not only add to your style but maximize your storage space,’ suggests Nadia McCowan Hill. ‘Stick to a shelf in a natural hue and then really experiment with color, adding fun decor options. Plants and prop up a few pieces of wall art along the space to finish off the look.’

Connor Prestwood agrees that this is a trend that’s practical as well as stylish, adding.  ‘A big thing at the moment is shelving above the bed. The diversity and freedom to move and swap things around when you fancy a change is really appealing and can save money in the long run.

‘Instead of buying a new large piece of art or completely re-wallpapering a wall. You can simply refresh the ornaments, books, and art and restyle your shelf to fit in with your current mood.’