Affordable oak desk for your study room or computer

Affordable oak desk for your study room or computer

Study rooms have evolved into a vital element of modern homes. It’s a private area in your home where you may work without interruption. Many students and employers began working from home as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. As a result, the home office has taken on new relevance. There is no excuse for not having a dedicated study space in your flat. It will have a positive impact on your productivity..

In order to create your study, you may either completely redo your bedroom or use just parts thereof. In most cases, they’re constructed into tiny areas. Space-conscious apartment dwellers will appreciate the sleek and minimalist aesthetic of this collection of study room ideas.

A good place to start when planning a study space is by looking for design ideas. So, we are here with the design ideas to help you

oak desk


Desk design               Computer Desk
Colour                         White
Shape                          Rectangular
Special feature          Lightweight, Foldable, Compact
Style                            Modern
Brand                         Harbour Housewares
Top material type    Wood, Engineered Wood
Item weight               8000 Grams
Size                             84 x 8 x 52 cm

Room type               Office, University Halls, Dormitory, Bedroom, Living Room

With a huge sliding drawer and an extra pigeonhole/letter rack,  Wooden Storage Desks is ideal for people who want to keep their work area neat and tidy while still keeping all of their papers and mail easily accessible.

In addition to providing adequate storage space, our Contemporary Computer Desks are sleek and minimalist in design, making them suitable for any contemporary office, apartment, or study.

Oak desk


Product dimensions     45D x 80W x 74H centimetres
Colour                            Natural
Room type                    Office
Shape                             Rectangular
Special feature             Foldable, Compact
Finish type                    Laminated

The desk’s steel frame ensures that it is solid and long-lasting, but lightweight and easy to move. The frame is protected from corrosion by a powder-coat finish.

Desks are easy to store when they’re not being used. They can be put away in an empty cupboard behind a sofa or against a wall when they’re not in use. The tables cleans easily after usage to maintain its pristine appearance.

You may utilise the desk simply by lifting its desktop, folding out its legs, and locking them in the clasp. In order to store the desk, just reverse the process: fold the legs in and lower the surface.

oak desk


Product dimensions    84D x 46W x 140H centimetres
Colour                           Oak
Room type                   Office, Bedroom, Living Room, Study Room
Shape                           Rectangular
Special feature          Compact, Adjustable
Style                            Classic

An E1 grade engineered wood top is coated with melamine veneer that is water-resistant, scratchproof and simple to clean. It’s built of steel and painted black for corrosion resistance and stability. With X-shaped reinforcing bars and adjustable feet, the table’s strong steel frame and produced wood construction provide for a long-lasting work surface. The multi-tiered desk has plenty of room for school or workplace essentials. Photos, plants, and clocks may all be displayed on the top shelf and the three parts below it in their various stages of completion.

As a computer desk, an office desk, or a display table, this table fits well in tiny places. This industrial table’s clean lines and contemporary aesthetic make it a versatile addition to any room.

oak desk


Table design             Tray Table
Room type                Home Office
Colour                        Oak
Style                            Modern
Frame material        Engineered Wood

HOMCOM’s dual table is a stylish addition to your work area that provides plenty of storage space. With three shelves on each side, it’s ideal for keeping your study, office, or other work area neat and organised. Particle board construction ensures that it will withstand the rigours of daily usage, while the wood-effect and white colour scheme is fresh and flexible. Doing your chores the proper way and more.


  • There is a beautiful colour combination of brown wood-like material with white. It looks great in any room.
  • A 100cm-wide tabletop provides considerable room for working.
  • Side shelf with three tiers for convenient storage
  • An easy-to-clean melamine surface
  • It is a sturdy and long-lasting choice for a frame.
  • A maximum weight of 30 kg
oak desk


Product dimensions      100D x 50W x 75H centimetres
Colour                              Brown
Room type                      Office, Bedroom, Living Room, Study Room
Shape                              Rectangular
Special feature              ‎Compact
Style                                Industrial

With its vintage-inspired design, this desk may be used for a variety of purposes. You may use it in your living room, bedroom, study, or home office since it’s small enough to fit everywhere. The sturdy metal frame and triangular struts assure the table’s stability, allowing you to work or study comfortably.

CubiCubi’s industrial-style writing desk will make your workspace seem as nice as it functions. To make your job both productive and fun, you may place it anywhere you choose at home. The stability ensure with a robust metal frame and a double triangular strut. It is simple to keep a clean and scratch-resistant clear white desktop.

This has additional workspace for organising your work, preventing your desktop from becoming a jumbled mess. It can be hang on either side of the desk as desired. In order to keep your headset or bag in order, the iron hook makes it easy to locate them when you need them.

oak desk


Desk design                           Computer Desk
Product dimensions           60D x 120W x 76H centimetres
Room type                            Office
Shape                                   Rectangular
Special feature                   Adjustable
Style                                    Industrial
Finish type                        Polished
Brand                                 HOMCOM
Top material type Wood, Engineered Wood
Included components Shelves

This desk from HOMCOM will spruce up your work area. To maximise storage capacity, you may remove the top shelf to make place for a huge computer tower; if you want to keep the top shelf, you’ll still have plenty of room for books, files, and other office supplies. The sturdy metal frame ensures that it stands tall and upright.. This is a simple method for organising your workspace.


  • It combines a desk and two shelves, providing you plenty of space to work while also keeping your books and other office needs close at hand.
  • Two shelves on either side
  • The structure support a steel frame.
  • With adjustable footpads, it is possible to stand firmly even on rough terrain.
  • Particleboard shelves are long-lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Intricately textured bicolor wood grain, which blends seamlessly with your room’s décor
oak desk


Colour                                         Oak
Room type                                  Office
Shape                                          Rectangular
Special feature                          Adjustable
Brand                                          Soges
Top material type                    Engineered Wood

The desk structure is composed of heavy-duty powder-coated aluminium, which assures stability and longevity, and the panel is made of environmentally friendly particle wood with a high glossy finish.

Working in a healthy manner may be made possible by the use of two stations, one of which can be a standing desk.

You may set the two platforms at various heights or the same height. The bottom panel board is  into two separate boards, each with a separate mouse board, and the bigger panel may have title.  The Ledge on the panel prevents your notebook or books from slipping It’s lightweight and portable, making it ideal for usage at work or at home.