Best Bedroom Couches Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Best Bedroom Couches Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Believe it or not, you can put couches in your bedroom! This furniture layout certainly isn’t common, but it certainly should be. With the right layout, a couch in the bedroom can significantly boost the aesthetic of the space. Aside from aesthetics, it also adds some practical function to a bedroom.

However, it can definitely be challenging to choose the right place for a couch in the bedroom. If placed in a poor location, a couch in the bedroom will end up being more of an eyesore than a decorative enhancement. The room must still be able to flow well and allow ease of movement throughout.

But fear not, because we created a list of 9 best bedroom couches ideas and layouts for your home. Without further ado, let’s check them out, shall we?

Small Couch At The Foot Of The Bed

When you think of couches in the bedroom, you might shudder at the thought of a giant hulking sofa taking up valuable floor space in your elegant bedroom. But there are actually small, regal-looking couches that will boost the look of your bedroom, such as the one pictured above. A few ottomans are also peppered throughout the room, pulling the entire look together.

Couch Adjacent To The Bed

If you are overly conscientious of available floor space, consider placing a small couch adjacent to the bed against the far wall (or windows). When situated here, the couch takes up virtually no usable floor space, and it doesn’t obstruct any walkways in the bedroom. This layout is perfect for the homeowner that wants a couch as a small accent piece that will be out of the way. What’s more, its location underneath a set of windows ensures that no valuable natural light is obstructed.

Chaise Lounge In The Corner

If your bedroom has a small recessed nook in the corner like the one pictured above, consider placing a chaise lounge there. When situated at an angle, the couch is just noticeable enough to be a great accent piece without taking up too much space. Placing furniture at this angle isn’t very common, so it’s sure to boost your bedroom’s visual appeal.

Bed And Couch Share A Wall

If your bedroom is long and rectangular, consider placing the bed and couch like so. With this layout, the bed and couch share a wall, giving the illusion that the couches doesn’t take up much floor space. Additionally, this layout facilitates lounging and relaxation when an entertainment center is placed across the room from the couch. A small ottoman or coffee table placed near the room’s center unifies the aesthetic.

Couch And Lounge Chairs For A Large Bedroom

If your bedroom is especially spacious, consider incorporating a couch and oversized lounge chairs into the layout. In this bedroom, two oversized lounge chairs sit at the foot of the bed, and a regal lounge couch sits across the room. Without this furniture, the bedroom would look empty and cold, but thanks to the luxurious textures and the large area rug, the room looks elegant, warm, and homey. 

Couch Tucked Away Beside The Bed

If you want to incorporate a couch into your bedroom layout in a way that’s especially cozy, consider doing it like so. In this bedroom, the couch shares a wall with the bed, but it is tucked neatly into the corner. When positioned this way, the couch takes up minimal floor space while serving as a cozy lounging area. Its neutral color also seamlessly blends in with the headboard of the bed.

Small Couch That Shares A Wall With The Bed

This petite couch shares a wall with the bed, and it’s color-coordinated with the bed for a uniform look. When positioned this way, the couch serves as a functional storage area; you can place a purse or other accessory on it, and it won’t necessarily look out of place. This particular couch isn’t very deep, so it doesn’t take up much floor space. Thus, it is primarily a visual accent piece.

Small Catty-Cornered Couch

One of the challenges of having a large bedroom is making it feel full. This bedroom is fairly large, but the catty-cornered couch by the windows looks like it’s taking up a fair amount of floor space. What’s more, it also functions as a viable seating area. So curl up with a good book and enjoy the ambiance of your bedroom.

Couch Against The Far Wall

This is yet another layout that features small couches against the far wall of the bedroom. The couch in this particular bedroom is on the smaller side, so it’s primarily an accent piece rather than a practical seating area. This layout will let you achieve a significant aesthetic boost without taking up too much space.

In Closing

We hope this guide has given you some much-needed creative inspiration for your bedroom layout. There are many layouts that work for placing a couch in the bedroom, so don’t miss out. Before you go, be sure to check out these other guides that might be of interest to you