Best Chinoiserie Bedroom Ideas For Continental Look

Best Chinoiserie Bedroom Ideas For Continental Look

Nothing is prettier or more whimsical than the fusion of East and West in a chinoiserie bedroom — western pieces injected with oriental aesthetics. Adopting this trend in your personal space can transport you to ancient exoticism and secret gardens. Chinoiserie, which is French for “Chinese-Esque,” first appeared in the 17th century.

The trend is often compared to the Rococo style because of its exuberant embellishments, stylized depiction of nature, and painstaking focus on details and materials.

Chinoiserie blends eastern and western elements by featuring unique and delicate-looking Asian designs, mostly from Japan and China. This is fused with the bolder and classical European vibe. It’s in stark contrast to the minimalist trend that has become popular in the last few years. If you’re interested in making this style work for you, here are some chinoiserie bedroom ideas. Let’s begin.

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Chinoiserie Bedroom Ideas

Want to have your very own English chinoiserie bedroom suite? Whether you want to embrace traditional elements or wish to have a more modern chinoiserie bedroom, there are plenty of ways to channel the chinoiserie vibe in your room.

You can use chinoiserie wallpaper bedroom ideas to inject your room with the ambiance you want. For a light and happy feel, choose wallpaper with pastel blues and sunny yellows as base colors. To add a touch of chinoiserie, opt for natural designs like bamboos and hummingbirds.

Chinoiserie wallpaper

Subtle chinoiserie chair with relaxing wall background.

Want to try this style without committing to the trend big time? You can make subtle changes by adding chinoiserie bedroom furniture like this Asian-inspired rattan chair. This kind of furniture has a timeless elegance and mystery, and each piece has a unique story to tell. For a modern chinoiserie bedroom, go for furniture in black, cream, and gold motifs. You can also incorporate lacquered wood with detailed and nature-inspired upholstery.

Let Oriental Fabrics Fly

Love blue and white? You can easily achieve a blue and white chinoiserie bedroom with pillowcases like these. Notice the intricate details that are a trademark of the trend.

Stylized oriental elements like bamboo, lotus flowers, and cherry blossoms in curtains, linens, pillows, and comforters will complement and enhance your space. You can also use throw pillows that employ frog fastening at the back. Silk may be too much so use modern fabrics with traditional designs.

chinoiserie screen headboard

Commit to a Mural

You can’t go wrong with a Japanese sakura mural scene. Really. Nothing says chinoiserie better than a bold and intricately designed wall covering. With this one change, you can instantly transform the look of your bedroom. This style is associated with almost anything – from birds to flowers, Asian bridges to rickshaws as well as real and mystical beings. You can have anything you desire on your mural.

Accessorize with Chinoiserie Art

Chinoiserie doesn’t have to be loud. Notice the neutral colors in this subtle oriental bedroom. You can style your bedroom with simple pieces of chinoiserie art. Think vases, lamps, and other statement pieces that feature eastern designs with western decorative art styles. Some examples are the blue-and-white designs on Chinese porcelain, Chinese calligraphy, asymmetrical designs, and detailed scenery.

floral prints Wallpapers

Maximize (Almost) Everything

You can make layers and textures work for you with this design trend. Minimalism is not part of its style so you need to play with layers and textures.

How to do it?

Overlap patterns and use loud yet cohesive colors for a vibrant visual pop.

Part of the chionoiserie vibe is, after all, abundance and exuberance.

Light It Right

Light up the room with Asian-inspired light fixtured like this. Chinoiserie isn’t just reserved for fabrics, ceramics, and walls. You can also incorporate beautiful lighting fixtures that have an Asian feel. Install eastern-inspired dropped lighting near your reading nook. Get a lamp for your night table with a ceramic or porcelain base. Don’t forget to use a warm orange-yellow bulb for that soothing glow that’s reminiscent of sunsets.

Dragon Power

Chinese dragon art is a common theme in East Asian art. Also called the eastern or oriental dragon, this mythical creature is the subject of countless designs and can be part of your chinoiserie bedroom theme. Interestingly, the oriental dragon is associated with good luck and strength. Many emperors incorporated this motif in their rooms, palaces, clothes, and decorations.