Best Cottage Bedroom Ideas For Country Style

Best Cottage Bedroom Ideas For Country Style

Even if you live in a metropolitan flat, give your bedroom a cottage feel. Cottage bedrooms come in a wide variety of styles, from traditional flowers to more contemporary designs with a dash of colour. To help you get started, we’ve put up a list of cottage bedroom ideas below.

Greenish color

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In bedroom, modern cottage decor like an acrylic bedside table coexists with galvanised tubs loaded with additional cushions. A fluffy faux-fur rug and a sleek slipper chair warm up the white-washed wood floorboards. The drapes, bedside light, and linens all have brilliant green accents to offer a splash of colour to the otherwise all-white environment. The sage accent colour in this room complements the other features in the space, but you may select a different stand-out hue that better fits your taste.

Beam me Up

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Set up a cosy window seat so you can enjoy a little natural light. In contrast to the delicate blossoms on the seat pad and bolster cushion, you can use vibrant mustard yellow and a classic curtain fabric. Simply decorate the window sill with bud vases and flowers from the cottage garden to bring the outside in.

Tapestry Of Texture

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A typical white-and-cream cottage palette may be given depth by experimenting with different fabrics. You can cover the bed with a multicolored family heritage quilt, and the white linens brightened with a smattering of decorative pillows. When adorned with decorative drawer knobs and fresh flowers, the matte surface of a painted side table takes on an attractive patina. Decorate the walls and furniture with old cottage decor, which will give the room a flea market atmosphere.

Play with wallpaper


Think again if you believe traditional flowers are out of style. Make the most of their return by incorporating them into your bedroom design to create a vibrant and uplifting space to begin your day. The metallic gloss on wallpaper helps to keep the appearance contemporary.

Work on Fire place

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A comfortable cottage bedroom may be achieved even in the middle of the summer. And what better way to do this than with a fireplace? You can make your fireplace the main point of your room by putting colourful artwork on the mantle above and arranging your bed such that the fireplace can’t be ignored while you’re sleeping. Tweed textiles scream rural traditional as well.

Shades of blue

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Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of flowery patterns. When looking for textiles, look for patterns with a similar palette of colours. You can look on to Blue, pink and green for room. In order to keep the whole aesthetic from being too overpowering, you can opt for a blue upholstered bed. To maintain a sense of harmony, use neutral colours for the walls and floors.

Play with Texture

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Accent a modern cottage with a bold wall colour.You can coverthe wall in wood panelling from floor to ceiling demands instant focus. A handlettered sign over the bed and a dresser side table in the same wood finish complete the design.  Accent cushions in the form of graphic silhouettes add whimsy to the rustic space.