Best Pillow Top Mattress at affordable price

Best Pillow Top Mattress at affordable price

Pillow top mattresses may seem like a luxury or a nice-to-have type of item. The reality is that there are loads of benefits to using a pillow top mattress that go beyond comfort. They relieve aches and pains, help support your spine alignment and usually last much longer than non pillow top mattresses. As a bonus, they are also extremely comfortable. They are worth every penny considering the deep rest and pain relief they provide. In this article, we will go over some of the top rated pillow top mattresses that we have found. Read the reviews to see which one is going to best suit your needs!


  • Top layer of 2cm of memory foam
  • Quiltedcomfort layertopper
  • 800 pocketed coils
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Free UK Delivery

Another hybrid mattress makes our top five list. This time it is the budget friendly SleepSoul Bliss with a 2cm layer of memory foam over 800 pocketed coils. A soft pillow top quilted for added comfort features memory foam under a plush layer to help evenly distribute your weight. The foam layer is contouring meaning it allows your body to sink in to eliminate pressure points for ideal spinal alignment.

Underneath are 800 pocketed coils to provide even more stability. There is not as low motion transfer as with other mattress brands as there are fewer steel coils, but there won’t be any sagging anyway. You would have to spend more money to have more spring coils. For the money, the 800 on this one provide plenty of comfort and support.

We recommend this innerspring hybrid to side sleepers since the firmness is around medium. Stomach sleepers will probably find this mattress is too soft to provide the right amount of spine alignment. This mattress can be used on any type of bed frame as it has a non slip material. If you use a platform bed frame, it will stay in place. And it has superb breathability so you don’t need to use a slatted frame. Air vents on the sides allow air to escape with every movement. And air circulates freely between the coils.


  • Comfort and durability
  • Soft pillow top
  • Quilted cover
  • Hypoallergenic

The unique zoned Miracoil Spring System offers comfort and support for all shapes and sizes. Unlike an ordinary circular spring system, Miracoil’s unique shape has twice as many springs offering improved pressure relief, edge to edge support for maximum sleep space and zoned support right where you need it most. Featuring Silentnight’s sustainable & breathable Eco Comfort Fibre layers,developed exclusively by Silentnight – allowing natural airflow for a more invigorating and refreshing night’s sleep – because a great night’s sleep shouldn’t cost the earth. The plush Eco Comfort Fibre Pillow top layer provides extra comfort and cushioning for sumptuous comfort and a deeper mattress. All our Silentnight mattresses are tried and tested at our in-house approved lab to ensure the durability of your mattresses and give you total peace of mind.


  • Tufted topper filled with natural latex
  • Tencel cooling cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 30 cm deep

This medium firmness mattress is great for those that like softer beds, but worry about support. It features Innergetic Latex by Sealy which is highly responsive. When you move, it bounces right back to normal without making you struggle to get up. It has the right density to provide support while also feeling soft for comfort.

Having pocket springs, 1,400 of them to be precise, means getting instant support. Once your pressure points have settled into the latex layer, they settle right into where they need to be from the strength of the coils.

In addition to its support and comfort, latex is naturally hypoallergenic. Dust mites can’t live there so it won’t interfere with your allergies.


  • Natural filling of wool and cotton
  • 35 cm deep
  • 3,000 pocket coils
  • 5 year guarantee

This Tuft and Spring mattress has its own signature pillow top style that many people swear by. It is almost like a small mattress over a mattress. The entire mattress is filled with natural material like pure new wool and cotton for a luxurious feel.

A tufted pillow topper has you sink into the mattress and feel the warmth from the filling. It doesn’t overheat you, however as the wool is able to regulate your temperature. Cotton does keep you warm in the winter months.

Underneath it all are 3,000 individually wrapped steel coils to give you the support you need and where you most need it.

That many coils is ideal for displacing your body weight evenly throughout so you get pressure relief on all of your joints and not just your shoulders.