Best Way to Divide Your Bedroom in Two

Best Way to Divide Your Bedroom in Two

Whether you have a studio apartment or a five-bedroom home, sometimes there just aren’t walls where you need them to be. But going for a full-on reno is pricey to say the least, or if you’re renting, not an option at all.

Room dividers are a great way to break up your space and can also double as décor. Your options include folding dividers, curtains, large bookcases, and more. You can use them to change up the layout of a room, provide extra privacy, maximize storage space, or just create a change of scenery. So ahead, 16 ways you can use room dividers to create a customized space that’s rental- and budget-friendly.

1. Repurpose a clothing rack

This studio apartment separates a bed from the rest of the space with a clothing rack that houses décor rather than clothes.

2. Bring in some curtains

The bedroom in this home doesn’t have a door, so curtains get the job done in a snap. We love how their color contrasts against the printed wallpaper in the living room.

3. Repurpose shutters

The room divider separating the bed from the front door of this studio apartment is actually custom window shutters. They offer privacy when closed and natural light when opened.This Tiny Shift in How I Approach Cleaning ReallyTakes Away the Stress of It

4. Line up a bookshelf in your bedroom

Bookworm or not, a bookshelf can be a stylish and effective way of breaking up a space and separating out different “rooms” or areas. This Pennsylvania loft in an old textile factory shows how a piece like this can look like it was almost built into the space.


5. Create a wall of plants

A wall of plants is the perfect thing to section off a space and make for more privacy. This crafty loft uses a shelving unit to close off the bedroom area while also providing a statement piece and a workspace. Talk about resourceful!

6. Use Bedroom curtains to section of a sleeping area

For ultra tiny living, you have to get creative. Curtains are usually a great option to turn to, as demonstrated in this itty bitty trailer.


7. Add a barn door

For a bigger project, you can install a barn door to break up space. This home in Valencia shows how you can easily break up an open floor plan with a sliding door.

8. Get folding screens

These pretty folding screens with cutouts are on casters, which makes them easy to move around.


9. Strategically place your Bedroom furniture

You don’t always have to go shopping for brand new dividers to split up a space. This Los Angeles studio shows how you can break up a room with furniture you already have—in this case a couch—making your sleeping space feel more separate from your living room.

10. Create a shelf wall

Stacked shelves from IKEA were framed with millwork in this Chelsea apartment to create a barrier between a functional entryway and a bedroom. Not only does it serve as a wall, but it comes with plenty of extra storage space, too.