Decorate The Room With Floral Prints

Decorate The Room With Floral Prints

When it comes to floral prints there are so many looks to choose from. Dark floral wallpaper ideas will bring instant wow-factor to a space and can help large spaces feel more intimate. They can look really effective used wall-to-wall or combined with painted panelling and window treatments in plain fabrics for a softer look.

If you love dark floral room decor then wall-to-wall prints consider introducing bold botanical fabrics on upholstery. Alternatively, for a quick and easy way to channel the dark floral trend try adding in accessories such as lampshades and cushions in moody botanicals.

Dark floral prints are brilliant dining room decor ideas, as well as for other occasional spaces. As in these rooms that are less used you can be a bit more bold and playful with interior design.

If decorating with floral prints in dark colors it’s important to consider the scale of a design. Large scale designs will make a real impact. But for something more relaxed you could choose a more ditsy repeat design. Below, you’ll find our favorite floral room decor ideas.

1. Use Dramatic Wallpapers With Large-Scale Blooms

For a floral room decor scheme with plenty of drama use a large-scale dark floral wallpaper. Featuring upscaled white peonies set against a contrasting black background, this beautiful Paeonia wallpaper by Harlequin makes large blousy blooms the real stars of the show. Try it in rooms with tall ceilings to evoke a more intimate feel.

2. Make a Statement With a Bespoke Mural

Are you looking to create an interior that is truly unique and magical? Welcome to the whimsical world of artist and designer Flora Roberts. She creates breathtaking botanical murals and timeless designs for wallpapers.

With a canvas of a single wall to an entire room, Flora transforms surfaces into dreamscapes where wandering flowers spontaneously dance together in oceans of alluring color. Think the enveloping tranquillity of Monet’s Waterlilies fused with the naive charm of folk art in a signature palette of brights and pastels.

3. Hang Mediterranean-Inspired Wallpaper

Taking the prolific Mediterranean climbing plant the Bougainvillea as its focus, this show-stopping wallpaper from Cole & Son’s Seville Collection is perfect for a more exotic scheme. Featuring a repeat design of hot rouge trailing flowers on a charcoal background, it’s guaranteed to turn heads in a modern living room. Try picking out the jade color from the design and using it on complementary panelling to temper the print.

4. Bring Vintage Charm With an Archive Print

Floral room decor needn’t be just for bedrooms, living and dining room ideas – why not decorate the kitchen with dark floral prints for a quirky yet considered look? To celebrate 160 years, Sanderson has refreshed some of its iconic floral prints in refreshed colorways. It is perfect for your living room feature walls.

‘Florals are a signature look for Sanderson. Many of our designs have a nostalgic air, remembered from childhood days and family homes. Capturing the wonder of nature, they continue to bring beauty into people’s lives, with new versions of classic designs combining modern country living with a timeless and undeniably British feel,’ explains Rebecca Craig, head of design at Sanderson.

5. Showcase Maximalist Floral Room Decor

Chintz is well and truly back and this maximalist wallpaper with flamboyant tropical florals and foliage in dark purple. Created by House of Hackney in collaboration with iconic Mayfair club Annabel’s. The paper is just one their large collection of signature modern chintz prints. For an elegant, pink room, try pairing it with pastel pink curtains to help soften the look.

6. Give a Bedroom a Romantic Focal Point

If decorating with wall-to-wall florals is too overpowering, consider introducing them through upholstery, window treatments. Covered in Osborne & Little’s Fullterton design, this headboard idea makes a real statement in a bedroom, plus the sinuous curves are a beautiful complement to the romantic design.

7. Introduce a Floral Screen in a Bathroom

Bring period drama to a luxurious bathroom with a traditional screen in a dark, romantic floral print. Introducing prints through furniture and accessories is a good way to channel the look without over-powering a space.

8. Go For Dark Florals In a Dining Room

When just reserved for entertaining and special occasions, dining rooms are the perfect space for bold decor. Using an eye-catching, botanical wallpaper in large occasional spaces will not only bring real wow-factor. It can also make these spaces feel more intimate, too.

A stylised and angular leafy design rather than a soft romantic floral, this dining room wallpaper brings real wall-to-wall drama to this dining room creating a magnificent setting for celebratory suppers and special occasions.