Different Types of Mattresses for Sound Sleep

Different Types of Mattresses for Sound Sleep

Is your mattress older than a decade? Is it still providing you with the comfort and support it used to? If the answer to these questions is a ‘No’, then it’s time you must consider changing your mattress. There are a lot of different types of mattresses available in the market nowadays but a good mattress is one that relieves pressure on your joints and body.

The sleep quality on the mattress declines as it ages. It is a gradual process and you might not even realise the declining sleep quality.

Talking about the types of mattresses, the major conflict lies between the foam mattress vs spring counterpart. It’s often a difficult choice to choose from when it’s time to replace your mattress. Hence, this blog will provide more information regarding the two so you can make a fair choice.

Mattresses are available in a broad range of materials and technologies to fit your budget and needs. Choosing the right kind of mattress is highly subjective, as only you could know what fits best for your comfort needs. You should look at different types of mattresses in order to determine which is most appropriate for you.

Types of mattresses

The Different Types of Mattresses for You to Choose

Your back’s health needs the right support. But for that, you should understand the various types of mattresses available. This way, you’ll understand what kind of support your body needs. So, let’s dive into the different types of mattresses available these days to choose from. From spring to foam mattresses, there are a huge number of options for you.

1. Innerspring mattress

It has a steel coil support system, which comes in many varieties like many springs connected into a single unit and the ones having individually wrapped pocketed coils. The shape of springs, design, gauge and number of coils may be different within the range available. One can choose the best fit for them, but ideally, the one having a greater number of coils provides more points of support.



Special feature Memory Foam, Spring Mattress
Size 4ft6 Double Mattress
Colour One Colour
Item firmness description Plush, Medium
Construction type Foam, Innerspring
Brand Kono

Double Spring Mattress with 5mm Memory Foam with medium Hardness can be your best choice. Double mattress with high density knit layers, highly attuned to the skin, environmentally and friendly. 4FT6 Double Memory Foam Mattress – Ideal for Adults & Children, and suitable for most bed frame. Vacuum packed boxed and rolled for extra protection, and extra quick, convenient transport.

2. Pillow-top mattress

One of the varieties of mattresses that most aren’t aware of is the pillow-top mattress. There is an extra layer of upholstery sewed onto the top of the mattress, so it looks as if there are pillows on top. This layer generally has a variety of fibres and foams.



Size 90 x 190 cm
Colour White
Item firmness description Medium, Firm
Construction type Foam, Innerspring
Brand Hyder Beds Ltd

Hyder Beds Ltd ELARA 2000 memory pillow top mattress can be your best choice for the mattress for an amazing night sleep. With its amazing features, it is not only comfortable but also supports your body good posture while sleeping and you can get rid of back pains. It is available in affordable price on amazon so grab yours now

3. Hybrid mattress

The support system of a hybrid mattress has components that different types of mattresses have as well. For eg, steel coils, polyurethane, memory foam (viscoelastic) or latex foam, along with other foams and gels.

You might have heard of the foam mattress. But most are not aware of the variations within. The types of foam mattresses are available in the market like memory foam, gel foam, bonded foam mattress, etc. There are a variety of foam types to create speciality foam mattresses each for different use. Gels or materials are also a common addition to the foam, which can either be polyurethane, memory (viscoelastic), or latex.

Moreover, you can choose any one of the different types of mattresses from a wide range of foam shapes and densities to create mattresses that have different characteristics such as comfort, feel, and heat dispersal. At Wakefit, choose from a wide range and types of foam mattresses that can help improve your sleep quality!



Special feature High-density Foam, Orthopedic, Hypoallergenic, Pocket Spring, Fire-Retardant
Size Single
Colour Blue
Item firmness description Medium
Construction type Pocket Spring
Comfort layer material Comfort Foam

The 7-zone independent wrapping coil is located in the core of the mattress. High-quality pocket carbon steel coils are highly flexible and can provide excellent customized support for your skeletal system, perfectly balanced 7 parts of your body to relieve back, shoulders, hips and neck pains. Whether you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper or an abdominal sleeper, Koorlian mattress can always bring you a quieter and deeper sleep experience.

Luxurious multilayer foam and breathable knitted fabric will bring you soft comfort all night. Hundreds of 2.0mm independent pocket springs provide strong support, not too soft or too hard. Tight Top mattress series is a little firmer than Box Top series. Firmer mattresses offer the greater support and durability needed by a plus-sized sleeper.

4. Gel mattress

Several gel-infused foam mattresses use gel in their support system, upholstery layers, or both. To add the gel to the foam, the indulgence of a particular technology is vital. It is not as simple as it seems. And with the help of those, the many different types of gel foams arrive! And these can provide consumers with different levels of comfort, feel, and heat dissipation benefits.



Size Twin XL
Item firmness description Firm
Construction type Foam
Brand SR Red Sunrising Bedding
Item weight 50 Pounds

3.5″ Air Gel Memory Foam layer naturally responds to individuals body temperate, works great on Back Pain Relief, spine alignment, and hips, lower back and shoulders pressure point reduction.

8.5″ High Density ultra-supportive base foam provides enhanced edge support, less tossing and turning, ideal for side, stomach and back sleepers. Twin XL Mattress Dimensions: 80*39*12 inch

5. Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam mattress consolidates a layer of adaptable padding with springs or backing froth. Memory foam utilises your body heat to relax and form your shape. This offers noteworthy help and solace. Whenever the pressure goes away, memory foam generally come back. And over the long run, this type of mattress will memorise your sleeping posture and body shape. Therefore, it gets its name as ‘memory’.



Size UK King (150 x 200 cm)
Colour White
Item firmness description Plush
Construction type Foam
Brand Silentnight

Featuring a Miratex foam core which absorbs movement, ensuring no ‘roll-together’ for extra sleeping space and a luxurious soft-knit cover for extra comfort. Plus, it’s Anti-Allergy for a fresher & cleaner sleeping experience. With a luxury, deep comfort layer of body moulding memory foam for ultimate comfort, the 7-Zone mattress provides unparalleled support. The 7-zoned support system offers pressure relief across core zones from head-to-toe.

Each mattress features a high density foam core and luxurious soft knit cover for a comfortable sleeping experience. The 3 Zone and 7 Zone feature Memory Foam that offers body-moulding comfort and soothing pressure relief.