Eve vs Emma Mattress

Eve vs Emma Mattress

Two high-quality mattresses pitted against each other – how do they compare?

Which do you choose?

Eve Original or Emma Original?

Having to choose one of two exceptional mattresses isn’t easy, which is why we’ve put together this Eve vs Emma mattress comparison.

We’ll take you through the design of the mattresses, highlight key differences, and give you some guidelines as to which mattress would be better suited to you.

emma mattress


Special feature Supportive, Pressure-relieving, Breathable
Size King 150×200 cm
Colour White
Item firmness description Medium
Construction type Foam
Comfort layer material Memory foam


Emma is a popular British mattress in a box company. They offer 2 different mattresses: the Emma Original Mattress and Emma Premium Mattress. Their mattresses are made with quality foam (and pocket springs in the Premium Mattress), sporting high marks from many happy customers

Emma’s Owner Satisfaction

Emma’s well-rated all-foam mattress design has won acclaim from customers that are looking for a cozy, affordable mattress. Both Eve and Emma receive good reception from customers. However, both brands have some disagreements when it comes to long term comfort at times. Take a look at other top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

Edge Support

These mattresses also are competitive with their edge support, which is the supportiveness of a mattress on its sides. For people that like to sit on the edge of the mattress, these mattresses will provide a good amount of resistance for you.

Emma’s Durability

It isn’t simple to find a great product that will last a decade or more under constant use. Brands, for the most part, rather make repeatable revenue than make something that lasts a lifetime. Emma’s mattresses get good initial scores from comfort, but some customers (especially those with larger body sizes) may disagree with the long term comfort.

Emma’s Supportiveness

When it comes to properly aligning the spine, Emma’s mattresses are quite supportive initially. Reviewers describe their hips and shoulders being cradled and their spine being properly supported by the mattress below. Versus Eve, though, some may find that Eve’s inclusion of pocket springs adds a bit more support long term.

eve's mattress


Size EU King 160 x 200 cm
Colour White and Yellow
Item firmness description Medium
Construction type Foam
Brand Eve Sleep
Age range (description) All Ages
Item weight 48 Kilograms
Product dimensions 2L x 1.6W x 0.24T metres


Eve is one of the most popular online mattress offerings in the UK. Their mattresses are designed and manufactured in Britain, based on over 70,000 prototypes before arriving at their first designs. They now offer three different lines to choose from, in both pocket sprung hybrid and foam designs. Overall, they get good reviews from customers with some complaints about customer service in some cases.

Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Emma for this match-up!

Eve’s Owner Satisfaction

Eve has increased their offerings over the years with multiple mattresses to choose from. While most customers like their Eve mattresses, there are some that disagree with the feel of the mattresses. If you are interested in finding the best value for your money, take a look at other top-rated mattresses.

Eve’s Supportiveness

You may think of supportive mattresses as mostly firm, but when we mention support, we mean support that cradles your spine, hips, and shoulders. Most folks find Eve’s mattresses supportive, especially their higher-end offerings. Rarely, there are some that don’t find them as supportive as they would like, especially sleepers with larger body types.

Eve’s Durability

Sadly, not everyone rates these mattresses well for longevity. While some customers found them to be comfortable, others had faster problems than average. If you are considering, make sure to read more reviews and go over the return policies before you buy.