Best Kitchen Extractor Hood Ideas For Your Home

Best Kitchen Extractor Hood Ideas For Your Home

Cooker hoods, or kitchen extractor fans, are indispensable for keeping your kitchen free from clouds of cooking fumes and banishing burning smells and smoke. If you’re sick and tired of a smelly, cloudy kitchen, a cooker hood is a very worthwhile investment.

Admittedly, a kitchen extractor fan isn’t a vital element if you mostly boil vegetables or lightly sauté ingredients – an open window in the kitchen may suffice to keep the inevitable steam and smells at bay. However, one is indispensable when frying or grilling, and especially when it comes to fatty, smelly ingredients such as bacon, sausages and steaks seared on a high heat.

With these types of ingredients, it’s not just a bit of steam you need to worry about: steam mixes with fats to coat kitchen walls, ceilings and cabinets in a very fine layer of sticky fat that attracts dust like iron filings to a magnet. That’s something you might be blissfully unaware of at first, but that bliss will almost certainly subside when you come to redecorate the kitchen and discover that the walls and ceiling need extensive cleaning before you can even think about applying the first coat of paint.

If you’re in the market for a cooker hood or the best kitchen extractor hood ideas, but haven’t a clue where to start, read on.

Kitchen extractor fan,


Mounting type                  Wall Mount
Finish type                         Painted
Material                              Aluminum,Tempered Glass,Glass,Steel
Brand                                  TopStrong

A 60-inch cooker hood extractor with a 380-square-foot extraction capacity and a maximum noise level of less than 55 decibels can quickly remove kitchen smoke, steam, and aromas.

The aluminium grease filter is readily removable and washable, and the black painted chimney hood and tempered glass top provide a basic and clean kitchen environment. In addition to providing enough lighting for nighttime cooking, the kitchen extractor hood’s LED energy-saving bulb will save you money on your energy bills.

The sloping curve of the black cooker hood protects your head from being struck. When the range hood body is filled with air, the low pressure within creates an ideal environment for the circulation of air. As a result, your house will be free of indoor pollutants thanks to this high-performance blower. Clean the oil spots off the glass panel of your cooker hood with detergent and your hood will look like new again.

An aluminium filter with three layers has been specially constructed to increase its strength. All of the plates used for the body have a minimum thickness of 0.6 millimetres, and all of the edges are thoroughly inspected.

Modern Extractor fan Kitchen


Mounting type               Wall Mount
Finish type                      Painted
Material                           Black Painting
Brand                                CIARRA

The traditional design cooker hood in energy efficiency class A may keep you away from the discomfort of grease or steam in the kitchen while also saving up to 40% more energy than those in class C. Low-Speed for air ventilation with little noise; Medium-Speed for daily cooking; High-Speed for stir-frying or cooking that produces a great deal of smoke and fat. The CIARRA motor has been strengthened to increase its endurance and lifespan. CIARRA extractor hoods outperform its competitors in terms of suction power and energy usage.

It is possible to completely remove the greases from cooking with our removable 5-layer aluminium grease filters. Ensuring that the ventilation is adequate. The device is simple to use and has a quick response time. You may adjust the speed of the extractor fan to suit your cooking style by using the fan’s three-speed settings. The LED lights, which can replace, are both energy- and cost-efficient. The light may last for up to 10000 hours.

Kitchen extractor fan


Finish type                Brushed
Material                     Stainless Steel,Aluminium
Brand                         SIA
Special feature         3 Variable Speeds
Light source type     LED

The SIA VSR60SS is a 60cm visor cooker hood made of stainless steel. It has a slim design that makes it great for small kitchens where space is limited. Despite its little stature, the 320 m3/hr extraction rate provided by its push-button controls is a testimony to its high level of performance. With three speed settings to fit your cooking needs and a convenient downlight, there is no greater value.

This cooker hood may use for internal re-circulation (air is passed through a charcoal filter, cleansed, and returned to the kitchen) or external extraction (cooking odours and vapours are carried outside using a ducting kit).

Cooker hood ideas UK


Mounting type              Independent
Finish type                     Painted
Material                          Glass
Brand                              Klarstein

The Mirage 60 range hoods eliminate haze quickly from the cooking area. With three performance levels, operation may simply modify for the cooking process. It can move 550 m3/h of kitchen exhaust air at its greatest setting. With a maximum noise level of 59 dB, the hood’s state-of-the-art technology keeps noise levels low.

Another unique feature of the kitchen extractor fan is the RGB-switchable ambient lighting. Every kitchen has a hood, which adds a sense of warmth and cosiness. Pots and pans are clearly visible thanks to two white LED lighting.

The ClearTouch Control Panel for the cooker extractor fan, which is hidden in the glass edge of the hood and controls the hood’s operations with its clear sensor fields, should also be given special consideration.

Kitchen extractor fan


Finish type                                    Brushed
Material                                         Aluminium
Brand                                             COMFEE
Special feature                             Three Speed, Easy Installation Strong Suction
Item dimensions L x W x H      60 x 48 x 18 centimetres

The strong airflow helps you efficiently eliminate any undesirable aromas, steam, and grease, providing you with a fresh cooking atmosphere while keeping the noise low. You may choose from one of three speeds to match the intensity of the smoke: Low, Medium, and High. Grease and frying smells are thoroughly remove by the 5-layer metal filter. Because it is so easy to remove and clean, it can maintain its peak performance.

Depending on your requirements, you may change the kind of suction to duct out or internal recirculation. Internal re-circulation helps to remove grease and cooking aromas from the cooking area, resulting in a more pleasant cooking experience. To ensure that the air in your kitchen is always fresh, opt for a duct-out exhaust system. Carbon filters are not require for the duct-out kind.

The reusable metal mesh filter is dishwasher safe (Carbon cotton composite filter not safe for dishwasher). The range hood has a stainless steel body, which makes it simple to maintain. The chimney’s height may extend to accommodate a higher ceiling, making it suitable for a variety of kitchens.

Modern Extractor fan Kitchen


Mounting type                     Island Mount
Finish type                           Painted
Material                                Glass
Brand                                    Cookology
Special feature                     Touch Control

The CDD60 is a Sleek, Cutting-Edge Downdraft Extractor that will surprise any visitor with its stunning appearance, high-quality construction, and professional performance.  When not in use, all that is visible is a flat, sleek strip of Black glass with Touch Controls that complements a Black Ceramic or Induction Hob. The ACF605 carbon filter allows this kitchen hood to recirculate as well as vented outdoors.

With only a few of seconds of pressure on the touch controls, the Downdraft gracefully ascends, drawing out any remaining smoke and odours while also preventing grease and filth from building up on your appliances.

You can also change the intensity of the LED lights on the CDD60 using the touch controls and create the appropriate atmosphere in your kitchen with this Downdraft Island Extractor.

Kitchen extractor fan


Mounting type           Under Cabinet Mount
Finish type                  Brushed
Material                       Stainless steel
Brand                           FIREGAS

The 60cm visor cooking hood absorbs and filters oil fumes rapidly. It operates at a whisper-silent 70 dB or less at high speed, allowing you to cook in peace and quiet. This ductless cooker hood may mount behind a cabinet or against a wall. Cooker hoods with a low profile conserve room and are ideal for apartments. It may operate in either duct or ductless mode.

The Stainless steel cooker hood with 2×3-layer aluminium filters that are simple to clean and reuse. It is more efficient to use muti-layer filters to remove grease. The 5-button controls are simple and responsive. The Low/Medium/High Speed button may use for a variety of cooking methods. Cooker hoods with LED lights provide enough illumination for your culinary needs

Do I need an extractor fan in my kitchen?

  • If you’re remodelling an existing kitchen and you don’t currently have any extraction, you don’t need to install any.
  • However, if you’re remodelling an existing kitchen and you already have a kind of extraction in the area, you’ll need to replace it with the same or a better rated extraction technology.
  • If you’re building a new home or expanding an existing one, you’ll need an exhaust system for the kitchen (to outside). Depending on its location in the space, the extraction rate required will vary.

However, none of them must be a cooker hood. The only need is that they extract the exact rate in the proper way, regardless of their shape.