How To Hang Christmas Lights Inside The Window

How To Hang Christmas Lights Inside The Window

Decorating your home with Christmas lights is a wonderful way to get into the holiday mood. Further, they will help to transform the inside of your house into a warm and welcoming space. Hanging Christmas lights in your windows is an easy way to decorate for the greatest time of the year, whether you want to avoid the challenges of trying to hang Christmas lights in the cold or just wish to make your house appear festive inside and out.

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How To Hang Christmas Lights Inside The Window

Finding the Right Lights

Before deciding where to hang the christmas lights, measure the area of the windows. That way, you can accurately estimate how many strands of what size you’ll need to completely outline all of your windows. To ensure that your window fits perfectly, measure it using a measuring tape. If you don’t want to use battery-powered lights,┬ámake sure there’s a nearby power outlet to connect the lights into.

Choose mini-lights or C6 lights to highlight your windows more effectively.

If you want to give your windows a somewhat different look, you may use alternative types of Christmas light bulbs. For instance, LEDs tend to have a bluer hue. In addition to standard LEDs, there are also wide-angle LEDs, as well as transparent LEDs, ceramic LEDs, globe LEDs, net lights, and RGB LEDs.
Mini lights aren’t just economical; their light is softer and more ethereal as well.
C6 lights are the smallest form of the conventional strawberry-shaped Christmas bulb, so they have a classic aesthetic without being too overpowering.

Using battery-operated LEDs will keep everything neat and tidy.

An extension cord connecting to the lights can sometimes detract from an otherwise impressive show. Because they don’t require electricity to function, battery-powered lights also offer less of a risk of starting a fire.

Ensure that the colour of your wiring complements the window frame.

Christmas lights with green wire will be more noticeable against white woodwork than lights with white cable. Darker wire is required for darker wood.
Wires that are painted to match the woodwork draw less attention to themselves and draw more attention to the lights.
The closer the bulbs are spaced together, the less attention will be paid to the wiring since the lights themselves will be more impressive.

Check that your lights and wires are in good working order.

You don’t want to get them all set up just to plug them in and discover that an area of the lights is Dark. Simply hang the christmas lights into an electrical outlet and check that all of the bulbs are lit.
Do not immediately buy a new string of lights if one of the bulbs burns out or becomes too dim.
You should never use a cable that is frayed or damaged in any way.

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Installing the Lighting

Invest in clips or hooks made of plastic that can be attached on the inside of the window frame. The clips won’t harm your windows or leave behind sticky residue, making them hassle-free to take down when the holidays are over. You can find these in any hardware shop. Typically, 6-8 clips are needed for each window.

Insert the plastic clips into the window frame.

To do so, peel off the protective film from the adhesive strip and adhere it to the window frame. After waiting 30 seconds, peel back the backing from the glue on the back of the plastic clip and push the flat end to it.
You simply need to attach the clips to the top and sides of the window frame.
Each clip should be evenly placed around 2 to 3 inches (5.1 to 7.6 centimeters) apart.

Give the clips an hour to set.

If you hang something on them before the timer runs out, the clips may come down. Incorrectly removing the clips from the window frame might harm not just the window frame, but also the Christmas lights if they are dropped from a considerable height onto a hard surface.

Simply clip the lights into place.

Hang the Christmas light string’s wires into each clip as tightly as possible. The next step is to gently move around the window’s frame, fitting in additional cables as you go.
Attempt to align the light bulbs so that they all face the same way.

If desired, add further decorations to the window.

For example, you may set some battery-operated candles or festive garlands on the windowsill. It’s important to enjoy the way the garlands appear with the lights surrounding the window, whether they come with their own lights.