How To Wash Faux Leather Seat Covers?

How To Wash Faux Leather Seat Covers?

Faux leather is a great alternative to natural leather because it’s fashionable, doesn’t harm animals, or is less expensive. No matter why you select it, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to maintain. Most faux leather is the fashion of plastic or vinyl, which can clean with basic soap and water. Even faux leather clothes with linings are frequently washable at home. Before you begin, check the care label to see if the seat cover can wash in the washing machine. Dry cleaners are an excellent resource if you’re confused about what to do with your Faux leather seat covers. Hand washing the item is an option in many cases.

We’ll show you how to wash your seat coversĀ made of faux leather at home in this guide.

What You’ll Be Using

Equipment and tools

A microfiber towel

A large sink or washing machine

a pressing cloth

Soft fabric (optional)

a cotton swab (optional)


Warm water

Gentle soap.

Olive, coconut, or baby oil

Isopropyl acetate (optional)

Baking soda (optional)

faux leather seat covers


Examine the seat coverĀ for Stains

A wet microfiber cloth is needed to remove most stains from faux leather. Put a small amount of mild detergent on a cloth and gently scrub stubborn stains.


Using isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to remove any ink or colour transfer from faux leather is a good idea. It’s best to start at the outside edge and work your way in to avoid the stain from spreading. In order to remove any remaining stain, dampen a cloth and use plain water to clean the affected area

Is it better to wash by hand or by machine?

When it comes to faux leather seat covers, you can wash them by hand or machine. Using the right water temperature, detergent, and mild agitation are the keys to success. Place the item in a mesh laundry bag for extra protection and reduce the final spin speed to avoid wrinkling if you choose to machine wash.

Use either cold or warm water

Add cool to warm water to the washer or fill a sink. Do not use too hot water since this might cause the faux leather to become distorted or even melt.

Select a Gentle Cleansing Agent

The best way to clean faux leather is to use a mild detergent. Adding the detergent to the water before washing by hand ensures that it is uniformly dispersed.

Invert the seat cover

Faux leather can get the dirtiest on the inside of a seat cover. Turn the eat covers inside out before washing them in a mesh bag or by hand to ensure that the detergent and water solution can easily reach the internal surface.

Agitation with Care

Swish the seat cover in the water and squeeze lightly if hand-washing. Give it five minutes to soak before using. Set your washer to the delicate cycle and lower your spin speed to avoid wrinkling your seat cover.

Use a Cool Water Rinse to remove any residue

Use cool water to rinse the seat cover that has been hand-washed thoroughly. The faux leather might become stiff and crack if too much soap is left on it. Avoid wringing. When rinsing in the washing, make sure to use cold water only. Do not use fabric softener in your washing machine.

Air-Dry Faux Leather

The dryer is not the best location to dry faux leather. On a solid hanger, hang the seat cover from the inside out and let them drip dry. Up to 24 hours are required for drying to complete. Turn items that dried on their sides frequently. A soft, absorbent microfiber cloth might help accelerate the drying process.

Apply Oil

Use baby, olive, or coconut oil on a clean, soft cloth to condition the faux leather once the seat covers dry. This will help keep the faux leather seat covers supple, prevent it from cracking and peeling, and smooth out any wrinkles it may have.

Getting Rid of Excessive Wrinkles

In most cases, wrinkles in faux leather will disappear as the material dries out. Turn the seat cover inside out if it has become very wrinkly. To remove creases from a seat cover, place a pressing cloth over it and iron it at the lowest heat setting possible. To avoid melting, don’t keep the iron in one place for too long. This can’t fixed.