Looking For Velvet Decor- Here Are Some Amazing Ideas

Looking For Velvet Decor- Here Are Some Amazing Ideas

This season we love rich fabrics that will make our home looking trendy, glam and sophisticated. Velvet decor is still rocking the home decor world making this fabric a must-have for any home, so check out 8 velvet decor ideas we love this month:

1. The dreamy Velvet bed

If you want a glam-inspired bedroom, that will always look and feel super comfortable, then it is the solution for you. Choose an elegant shade like green or a pastel one like pink and match your bed with glam or retro-inspired nightstands, trendy lamps, statement mirrors, and a lot of green plants.

2. The sophisticated velvet sofa

Velvet Sofas in this fabric always look comfy, but also very elegant and classy. They are also pretty versatile and go with any style and we adore them when matched with green plants, colorful paintings, a modern coffee table and a cozy and trendy rug.

3. The versatile Ottoman

Ottomans are now a versatile solution for any living room being great as an extra sitting area or even table. Choose one in any size and match it with your decorative pillows, a cool rug, or your framed pictures. These pops of color will look amazing.

4. The glam velvet bench

Make a comfortable and classy sitting area next to your bed with a gorgeous velvet bench. Decorate it with your favorite books and fall covers and sit there and relax enjoying this dreamy corner of your glam looking bedroom.

5. The elegant velvet dining chairs

If you want an elegant dining space with comfy chairs, then the velvet dining chairs are the perfect solution for you. Choose matching ones and pair them with statement lamps, golden deco accents, matching framed art and dreamy fall flowers and pampas elements added all over the space.

6. The fun velvet pillow cushions

In the fall season the velvet pillow cushions are the perfect option for your bedroom or living space. Match them with the wall art and think of the fall shades or the shades of your home when choosing them. Also, match them with pillows of different fabrics and with different prints to make a cool layer mix

7. The classy velvet armchair

Make the perfect nook or reading corner with a classy and comfortable velvet armchair. Choose a retro-inspired shade and pair it with lots of artistic framed pictures and deco elements and also you favorite books.

8. The retro-inspired office chair

You have to be comfy while sitting in your home office space. That’s why a velvet desk chair is a classy and comfortable solution for you. Choose a retro-inspired one and match it with a nature-inspired desk, oversized green plants, and your favorite colorful art.