Solid oak jewelry armoires for you to choose from

Solid oak jewelry armoires for you to choose from

Oak jewelry armoires are useful for storing and arranging your precious possession. You don’t want to open your jewelry box and discover a tangle of chains before you can locate the necklace you want, or to have to seek for a lost earring or cuff link before you can put on a favorite set. An oak jewelry armoire is a great location to store your necklaces and other accessories since it has hooks for hanging them and compartments for grouping like items together. We’ve picked some of the oak jewelry armoires to fit every décor style for you below.

oak jewelry armoires


Colour                           Grey
Brand                             CARME
Material                          Wood
Shape                              Rectangular
Mounting type              Freestanding
Finish type                     Polished

The trendy jewellery armoire chest box with four drawers and two side compartments for storing jewellery and accessories. It readily available in white and grey

It has a flip-top mirror with LED lights to enhance your vibe or for last-minute makeup checks. Anti-scratching velvet liner for added comfort. Strong jewellery cabinet with beautiful rose gold handles for any design

It helps you to organize all of your jewellery. There are hooks for necklaces, bracelets, and rings inside the armoire. You may display your favourite accessories on the armoire’s lid while it is closed. It is ideal for use in a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, or hallway.

oak jewelry armoire


Colour                   Brown
Brand                     XYF
Material                 Wood
Item weight           4000 Grams

You no longer have to worry about knots in your necklace jewelry when you use our jewelry box. You won’t have to go through your jewelry box to find anything. As a result, you’ll have a colorful dressing table that frees up a tonne of space while also elevating the décor of your area.

The jewelry box is composed of solid wood that is waterproof, dirt-resistant, and simple to clean. In order to safeguard your valuables, the interior lining is constructed of soft, ecologically friendly textiles. The metal handles on each of the drawers make it easier to open and close them. With this jewelry box, you may keep your most prized possessions in style and comfort.

The huge jewelry box with four pumps has an earring plate, a ring card slot, a bracelet slot, and a wide drawer for storing spectacles. There are different sections for jewelry (watches, necklaces, etc.), hair accessories, sunglasses, etc. It’s possible to relocate and deconstruct a portion of the partition, thanks to the modular design. It’s a perfect present for the jewelry enthusiasts in your life, with its stylish design and gorgeous jewelry display cabinet.

oak jewelry armoires


Brand                                                 Powell
Material                                             Wood
Mounting type                                  Freestanding
Item dimensions L x W x H           30.2 x 41.9 x 102.2 centimetres

The “Woodland Wood” treatment is applied to the oak veneer of this piece. There are three small curved drawers, two big curved drawers, and a curved door cabinet that can be used to store a range of jewellery and accessories. It features 9 squares in the first little drawer and the remaining drawers are all entirely lined with velvety black rayon. A mirror and ring storage compartment are revealed when the top lid of the case is lifted. Four completely lined side doors swing open to show a series of hooks for jewellery hanging. It’s Traditional Queen Anne style legs with half-column pillars on the façade of each door.


Colour                  Brown
Brand                   Titan Mall
Material              Engineered Wood, Glass
Plug profile         Wall Mount
Inner material   Engineered Wood

With the wall-mounted style, you may put it wherever. In comparison to a heavy duty cabinet, a jewellery cabinet may save an enormous amount of room. The makeup organiser can swivel 360 degrees. A 360-degree revolving angle makeup shelf makes it easy to locate what you need. It is able to hold at least 32 necklace hooks; 48 stud earrings; 90 earring slots; and other accessories such as lipsticks and nail polishes.

The individual’s need for accumulation and exhibition may be met in a huge area. A full-length mirror provides a head-to-toe view of your attire, and with the assistance of actual glass, you may arrange it in accordance with how you feel about it.

oak jewelry armoires


Colour                       White
Brand                        LVSOMT
Material                    Engineered Wood
Plug profile              Freestanding
Inner material          Velvet
Weight                       28 Kilograms

The ellery Armoire has a full-length mirror that measures 120 x 44 W. High-definition images can be seen thanks to the frameless mirror. Your dress will look its finest, and you’ll feel more confident. The copper-silver mirror enhances the brightness and spaciousness of your space while also providing improved performance.

It also allows you to store a lot of items in a little space to get to your jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, and skin care products. The bottom shelf, on the other hand, gives you extra room to keep your essentials, such as high-heeled shoes, boxes, bags, and books.

It’s made of high-quality wood, which makes it long-lasting and easy to maintain. It is a paint-free, environmentally and health-friendly product. A smooth, scratch-resistant surface prevents distortions. The ends are built of sturdy iron, as opposed to a leaning end, which is flexible and stable, and easy to move. It has a lock and two buttons to keep your valuables safe and secure. You should keep children away from your jewellery. The velvet inside keeps jewellery from being scratched. When locking, the jewels may also help to keep the dirt from getting inside the lock.


Assume purchasing your ideal oak jewelry armoires, only to find that it doesn’t fit in the smallest available space in your bedroom, or that your longest necklaces aren’t going to fit in it!

There are two factors to keep in mind while deciding on the size of your oak jewelry armoires:

·         There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to your jewellery collection. An inventory will give you a good idea about how many and what sort of compartment/drawer units you’ll need;

·         Exactly where you want to put it. In your bedroom, do you have a designated area? Are there two other furniture pieces in the way? Rather than relying on your eyes to tell you how big this room is, it’s always advisable to take a closer look at it.