Under Bed Storage Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Clutter-free

Under Bed Storage Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Clutter-free

In order to stay warm throughout the winter, it is essential to stock up on thick woollens and additional layers of clothes. However, when spring arrives, it might be difficult to find a place to put large, out-of-season objects. You may use some under bed storage ideas if you’re short on closet space.

It’s easy for dust bunnies, mismatched socks, and crumpled tissues to accumulate in the “dead” region beneath a bed since people tend to ignore it. Under-bed storage is often overlooked, but adding extra storage space in a tiny bedroom or guest room is a simple method.

Storing clothes, bedding, or out-of-season goods beneath a bed means they are nearby and easy if you need to reach them quickly – unlike items kept in an attic – and they are out of sight, allowing your more decor-friendly under bed storage ideas to shine.

Under bed storage ideas

Whether built-in or off-the-shelf, the primary advantage of under bed storage ideas is that it conceals under the bed; thus, unlike other bedroom storage solutions, it does not take up floor space or impact the aesthetics of the bedroom. By using this space, you’ll be able to make greater use of your closet and other clothing storage options, which is a definite plus.

How do i keep the storage under my bed clean

Select a smart divan with built-in drawers

Beds with built-in storage are preferable to roll-out drawers for under-bed storage because they make better use of the available space; thus, keep storage beds in mind while looking for a new bed. You may choose full-length drawers, drawers at just one end, or a combination of the two that leaves room at both the head and foot of the bed for nightstands. For a sleek, color-coordinated design, match the divan base with the headboard upholstery. When drawers close, drawers with integrated handles seem clean and fit flush with the bed for a seamless appearance. Underbed storage is a must-have in every bedroom.

There are two kinds of beds that might help you remain organised and keep your floor clear of clutter. For everyday use, divan styles are best because the drawers are easy to get to, but if you need to change your clothes or duvets and blankets seasonally, an ottoman bed is the best choice. The uncovered secret storage is massive and can contain many sets of bedding and bags, but you don’t want to be lifting it up and down all the time.

Store large bedding in a spacious ottoman bed

Think about getting a bed with built-in storage like an ottoman if you have a lot of stuff that you don’t use often. Unlike drawer-divans, which divide the space under the bed into many smaller compartments, a bed with a hollow foundation and a mattress supported by slats creates a single huge storage space.

Ottoman beds have gas-lift hydraulics that raise the mattress on one end or the other. Ottoman beds open by lifting upwards, so they don’t take up much more space. These drawers aren’t as user-friendly as standard ones, so you may want to save them for storing seasonal goods rather than your daily necessities. Storage beds have all the visual appeal of a regular bed, plus the practicality of storage.

Choosing a divan over a traditional bed frame can optimise the amount of space you have beneath the bed while taking up less area overall, which is particularly crucial in smaller bedrooms. Drawer storage merges effortlessly into the divan base to securely store any bedroom needs. Alternatively, choose an ottoman bed, which allows for fast storage through a motorised lifting device.

Add flair with antique storage trunks

Standard bed height is typically roughly 24 inches from the floor – this is the distance between the frame/mattress and the floor. When it comes to antique beds and cast-iron bedsteads, however, the height of the bed is often greater, ranging from 18 inches to 36 inches.

One benefit of a taller bed frame is that it provides more room for under bed storage. If the space beneath the bed is going to be on display without a valance, a more decorative design may be preferable to roll-out drawers. The painted metal bedframe looks great with the antique trunks that provide enough storage for comforters and blankets.

Select breathable woven storage

If you need to store things in the area beneath your bed, consider using drawers or containers with lids to prevent the accumulation of dust. Woven baskets and drawers from natural materials like wicker, rattan, or seagrass are also viable under bed storage ideas. Natural fibres are more breathable than synthetic textiles, and a woven construction allows for improved ventilation, allowing air to flow and keeping garments or bedding kept within from becoming wet or musty.

Find the perfect fit if space is limited

Make sure that the under bed drawers you’re considering purchasing will fit easily underneath your bed frame and slide in and out without any hassle if your bed frame is lower to the ground than a regular bed.

If the area under the bed is very constrained, extra shallow drawers are a possibility. Consider storage with a more flexible design, such as canvas or cork, which are squashier to handle and will slide more readily below the frame as an alternative to stiff drawers.

Large under bed storage

Is storage underbed a good idea?

Under-bed storage is a great way to make the most of a small, underused space in your bedroom. However, you should never store too much in the drawers beneath your bed. It’s a good idea to go through anything you want to store away, whether in a box under the bed or in the attic, to determine whether or not it’s really worth saving.

Donate any unwanted clothing and shoes that are still in excellent shape to make room. Then, go through blankets, sheets, and towels, getting rid of those that don’t match or are too worn to useful.

How do i keep the storage under my bed clean?

Because the space under the bed may get quite dusty, it is essential that goods kept under the bed covered to protect everything within from dust and moths. Avoid dust buildup by frequently cleaning or vacuuming the space beneath the bed. You may make extra room beneath your bed by removing the objects there, giving them a quick clean down, and then vacuuming the floor with the long attachment (or sweeping with a long-handled broom). Consider using a linen valance over an open bedstead or bed frame as a cover-up to keep unwanted dust away.