Ways to Put Fairy Lights In Your Home

Ways to Put Fairy Lights In Your Home

Whether you’re looking to completely turn your house into a Christmas wonderland or just add a few finishing touches, lights are the key to success. Of course, it’s possible that you have an idea of what the final product will look like: serene, exciting, energising, and motivating. The only thing standing in your way is the fear of breaking things and making holes in the walls. If you’re wondering how to put fairy lights in a room without nails, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

How to Put fairy lights without using nails

You can hang lights and decorations without ever using a hammer with a little imagination and the correct tools. In order to avoid the hassle of using nails, check out these simple methods of hanging lights.

How to put up fairy lights in room

Make use of adhesive clips

Decorate your home without the hassle of nails or hammering by using adhesive hooks or clips. Depending on your situation, you can pick from a wide variety of adhesive hooks and clips. Some are stronger, which is useful when hanging heavy wreaths or Christmas lights in the shape of candy canes or snowflakes. Tiny hooks are ideal for stringing up fairy lights and hanging banners and garlands. All you have to do is peel and stick, and you’re ready to see your area in a whole new light.

Drape on furniture

You are not limited to just mounting lights on the wall or ceiling. Lighting your room without using any additional fixtures is as simple as hanging lights over your furniture. Pick some solid furniture near a power source, plug in your lights, and you’ll be all set. Put your lights on display by draping them across your dresser, chest of drawers, TV stand, end tables, and bookshelves. Because of how simple it is, you may never want to use nails again.

Wrap around the bannisters

Make the holidays even more wonderful by stringing lights along the path to your children’s bedroom. You may wrap them over your bannisters so that your children see beautiful lights as they race upstairs to bed. It takes little time to decorate the railing with lights if you have an outlet or extension cord close by. Simply arrange your wires so that people won’t trip over them, and you can easily convert your area for the holidays or any other event.

Make use of bricks and brick clips

Hanging stockings isn’t the only thing you can do with a fireplace mantle. Masonry clips allow you to hang rope lights directly from the brick of your fireplace, giving your living area a dramatic new look. These clips have a special design that allows them to grip bricks (a common problem with standard clips) without damaging the bricks or leaving any sticky residue. Each clip has one or two hooks so that you can easily put your fairy lights and spread joy around your home.

The holidayport USB Christmas Light¬†is the perfect accessory for your mantel string lights. With this light, you’ll see a cheerful Santa and a feisty Snowman joyously dancing above your mantel. Relax with some hot chocolate while listening to festive music and reading a good book with the light plugged into a USB port. Your Santa and Snowman will elevate your home from comfortable to festive.

Can you hang fairy lights with tape

Using a curtain rod

Make the most of ordinary household objects by repurposing them. If you’ve only ever used curtain rods for curtains, you might not know that they’re also ideal for suspending string lights. Wrap the lights around the rod or attach them with zip ties. You’ll have transformed your cosy corner by the window into a fanciful fantasyland in no time.

Transparent tape

You see it now, and then you don’t! Using transparent tape, you can make it look like your string lights are floating in midair without any support. If you want your lights to last as long as possible, use the thickest standard or double-sided clear adhesive tape you can find. Some tapes have a weight capacity of 15 pounds and are weatherproof. Using these tapes, putting up lights on a balcony is a breeze.

You should only tape the cables of your lights and not the bulbs themselves. This method, you avoid obscuring your lights and reduce the dramatic influence they may have on properly setting the scene.

Wrap around household things

There are applications for practically anything in the house when it comes to hanging lights in a room without nails. You can wrap lights around regular home objects in the same way that you can wrap them around bannisters, curtain rods, and furniture. Again, there is no law that says you must just put lights on the wall! Get creative and don’t hold back.


Let’s imagine you don’t want to put holes in your walls by hammering nails into them and are instead wondering how to install lights in your room. You aren’t concerned about using a nail since little holes, around the size of a nail, are less visible and easy to patch. If that’s the case, you may easily attach your string lights to the wall by using staples. It’s a short procedure that causes little harm to your walls. Furthermore, most staples will not stand out visibly next to your cables or obstruct your transportive¬†lighting.


You know that collection of pushpins you’ve accumulated over the years in a junk drawer but never use? Well, nail-free illumination is the ideal use for them! In spite of their little size, pushpins have a powerful punch. Fairy lights and string lights don’t weigh enough to yank on a pushpin, so you may simply put them between the twisted, interwoven wires.

Additionally, pushpins may be found in a wide variety of materials, colours, and forms. They do make holes in the wall, but they are far smaller and simpler to repair than those made by nails. You may leave your lights up for the entire year, or you can switch them out for different occasions.

Adhesive putty

Reusable adhesives such as Blu Tack may hold tiny things in place without damaging the wall. We recommend using it with string lights or other light objects. In order to utilise it, you just need to press the wire or LED lights into the putty at regular intervals. It’s as simple as turning on the lights once you’ve pressed the putty onto the wall. You’ll quickly change your area into an enchanting space – and, in the process, your mind will become much calmer.

Wire suckers

Don’t allow windows get in the way of hanging lengthy string lights. You may hang beautiful lights for any occasion by pressing hooked wire suckers, which are like suction cups, into windows. Set up your red and green LEDs to greet Rudolph and his friends, then replace them with heart-shaped lights for Valentine’s Day.