What Color Bedding Goes With A Gray Headboard?

What Color Bedding Goes With A Gray Headboard?

A gray bed is a trendy and modern choice. Whether you have a gray headboard, a gray bed frame, or a gray comforter, you need to know which colors and bedding styles will work best with your gray bed. We’ve done the research and have all the information you need to choose the perfect bedding for your gray bed and the bedding colors with gray headboard.

Top Bedding Color Suggestions for a Gray Bed


Turquoise is a perfect color to pair with a gray bed. It looks incredible with darker grays, and because turquoise is such a soothing and relaxing color, it’s an ideal choice for any bedroom.


Pretty much any shade of purple will look fantastic with a gray bed. You can’t choose the wrong hue from plum to lavender if you opt for purple bedding for your gray bed. Darker grays generally look better with lighter purples and vise versa, but mixing a combination of both purple and gray shades could be the best choice of all.


Pink and gray always make the perfect pair. Just like with purple, you can select any shade of pink from light to dark, and it will look fabulous with your gray bed.


If your ultimate goal with bedding color choice is to induce a good night’s sleep, blue should be at the top of your list. It will look terrific with your gray bed, and any shade of blue will help you create a serene atmosphere in your bedroom.


A fresh light green will look lovely with any gray bed, whether your headboard and frame are light or dark. Deeper shades of green like forest and emerald can produce a surprisingly sophisticated look when paired with a gray bed.


For a burst of fun and vibrant color in your bedroom, choose to pair orange with your gray bed. Orange is less common than other bedding colors, so a gray and orange combo could be the perfect choice for creating a one-of-a-kind look.


Yellow brings brightness to any space, so it’s a terrific way to brighten up your gray bed. You can select a solid yellow set or opt for a yellow and gray patterned combination. Waking up surrounded by sunny yellow is sure to help you start the day with a smile!


For a sleek, stylish, and sophisticated look, select white bedding to go with your gray bed. It’s simple and understated and almost always a smart choice.

Contrasting Greys

Mix and match different shades of gray bedding with your gray bed. Pair lights with darks, choose a combo of gray tones or opt for a gray pattern to avoid a monotone look. Layer a variety of fabrics and lots of pillows to create more depth and interest with your gray bed.

What Should You Look for in Bedding?

When choosing your bedding, you should consider fabric material, color, style, ease of cleaning, and most importantly, your personal sleep habits. If you tend to get hot while you sleep, you will want to opt for lighter colors in breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics like cotton, bamboo, or Tencel. Darker colors will absorb and hold more heat.

If you can only get a good night’s sleep in a pitch-black bedroom, you will want to opt for darker-colored bedding as lighter colors will reflect any light seeping into the room and may keep you awake.

If your tastes tend toward the elegant and luxurious, consider sheets in silk or satin. Be aware, however, that some fabric options may have special cleaning requirements or be less durable and more easily damaged or snagged.

If you sometimes share your bed with either pets or children, you might want to go with a basic option like white cotton that can be easily bleached clean. Or perhaps you’ll want to choose a darker gray or brown that will help to hide any potential stains.

Of course, you should also coordinate your bedding color and style with the rest of the decor in your bedroom. If your bedroom is designed to fit a particular theme, like French country, for instance, you’ll want your bedding to also work with that style. Whichever fabric you choose, always make sure you enjoy the touch and texture to ensure maximum comfort and the best night’s rest.

Should Sheets Match Comforter?

Your sheets do not need to match your comforter, but they should be compatible. If you don’t want to choose a matched set for your sheets and comforter, you don’t have to, but consider matching at least one element, like the fabric material, pattern, or an accent color.

For example, you could pair solid blush pink sheets with a pink floral comforter. If your comforter contains blue, green, and yellow stripes, opt for one of these three colors for your sheets.

If you’d like to mix colors, make sure they balance each other and don’t clash. Contrasting lights and dark is often a good option, as is choosing colors all within the same tone, such as jewel or pastel.

Mixing patterns can be trickier, so it’s often best to stick with only one or to pair your pattern with a solid color. You might be able to make it work, however, if the theme is similar and you’re able to match the exact colors.