What Is Shaker Kitchen?

What Is Shaker Kitchen?

Historically, door and drawer fronts with a Shaker design date back to the 18th century and are the personification of simplicity mixed with high workmanship and usefulness. Artistic craftsmanship is what makes the cabinets so alluring, despite the purposeful absence of decoration. In this article we will discuss what is a shaker kitchen and its history.

What is a shaker kitchen

Do you know where the shaker style comes from?

To begin, the Shaker kitchen takes its name from a religious group known as the “Shaking Quakers” (sometimes abbreviated to “Shakers”) that emerged in the mid-18th century. Today, this well-known design style embodies the community’s essential values of minimalism and practicality. Every item was fashion from the finest wood and without adornment, which the Shakers believed to be a source of pride. The Shaker kitchen is basic and flexible, with an honest attitude of careful, precise workmanship that emphasises the importance of utility.

Modern Shaker style

Crafting Mastery

The shaker design not only looks great, but it also shows off the artistry and precision. That went into its creation. Their idea that all things should have a purpose and be produce as a tribute to God. Gave them a tremendous motivation to develop their making technique and to choose only the finest materials. In the present day, machines and computers assist in the production process, but shaker artisans would have utilised handcrafted tools and time to improve their creations and produce the final look.

This craftsmanship was notably refined for the creation of their cabinetry doors. The Shakers were able to produce a beautiful door that was of solid construction and, of course, enormously functional by using the characteristic of a 5-piece door front. In order to save waste while retaining a sturdy construction that looks fantastic, the fronts constructed from two rails, two stiles, and one centre panel. In time, the framed panel or Shaker became their signature style.

Not only was the idea of beautifying the furniture seen as a wasteful activity from a practical standpoint, but it was also morally incompatible with Shaker beliefs. The Shakers avoided ornamentation because they saw it as a source of pride and, at its most extreme, as a type of deception. As a result, authentic Shaker furniture will be devoid of carvings and inlays. Instead, the Shakers displayed their furniture in its most basic and utilitarian form.

Shaker kitchen cabinets

What are the most important aspects of a shaker kitchen?

If in doubt, you can quickly identify a Shaker kitchen by its doors, cabinets, and drawers, which have a flat centre panel and raised rectangular frame. These five-piece timber buildings are going to be simple and unadorned. Shaker cabinets did not often include metal handles. Because they were seen as overly ornate by craftsme. Thus they were typically fashion of wood instead by those same artisans. In the future, Shaker kitchens will likely feature metal version. But they will still be modest and inconspicuous, in keeping with the values of the Shaker philosophy.

Traditional shaker kitchen

Is the shaker a modern style?

Even now, the Shaker design remains popular because of its ageless elegance and adaptability. In modern Shaker kitchens, the essential principles of simplicity, usefulness. Honesty maintained, but with subtle adjustments to achieve a more contemporary look.

How do you create a shaker kitchen that suits your style?

It has been the most popular design for more than three decades because of its appealing, balanced proportions that can adapted to any style of house. Here are a few ways to personalise your kitchen and make it genuinely distinctive.

What is a shaker kitchen

Add color to the design

Color and shaker are not mutually exclusive. Even though the Shakers known for their minimalism, don’t afraid to employ colour. Colors like as blue, green, red, and yellow were often used to embellish furniture made from wood and other materials dyed with natural plants. The custom hand-painted cabinets can paint in any shade.  Repainted as frequently as desired, making it a great way to add flair to your Shaker kitchen.

Value contast

With the right combination of materials and textures, Shaker kitchens may really shine. When used in a more traditional environment, aged brass knobs and natural wood worktops provide an air of rustic, “perfectly imperfection. While white quartz countertops and sleek, distinctive equipment quickly add a modern touch. If you’re working with a wide area, an island in a contrasting colour may make a statement while also giving structure.