Tips for Setting Up your Child’s Bedroom

Tips for Setting Up your Child’s Bedroom

Looking for design, institution, and rack ideas for a small children’s room? There are numerous ways to maximise space in child’s bedroom by utilising multi-purpose kids furniture and other innovative approaches. Take a look at these 14 small kids room ideas!

Utilize Vertical Space in Novel Ways

Vertical storage is a smart idea for any small space, including a child’s bedroom. Add floating shelves to hold novels and small toys for extra organisation without wasting precious floor space. Alternatively, use an under organiser to store items such as accessories, toys, rucksacks, and more!

You can also go vertical with your beds.

Using lofted beds or bunk beds, especially in shared children’s bedrooms, can help you straightforward floors and better utilise height. Furthermore, lofting beds make it simple to add storage drawers, cubby holes, and other concealed storage spaces.

Select a Twin Bed.

The bed takes up most of the space in most bedrooms. Stick to smaller beds, such as bunk beds, to avoid taking up unnecessary space inside a child’s bedroom. In fact, a twin bed can be pushed to the edge to make room for a play area and other bedroom storage requires!

Use Under-Bed Storage

The room under the bed is one of the least used storage areas in bedrooms, but it’s ideal for hiding objects and improving kids room organisation! Add storage totes, drawers, or bins to keep children’s clothing, toys, books, and other items out of sight. This could also be used to free up chest of drawers and closet space in a child’s room!

Keep some toys out of children’s reach.

Avoid broken toys and make it easier to clean a small child’s room by keeping certain items out of reach when not in use. Display sentimental or delicate items belonging to your children on high shelves or on top of tall furniture. Hang a mesh hammock from the ceiling to accommodate stuffed animals.

Place storage cubbies in easy reach.

Bins, baskets, and cubbies placed low to the ground are ideal for storage in children’s rooms! This makes it easier for kids to reach for toys they want to play with, and it can also help them develop the habit of putting those toys away when they’re finished. Color or label

Hang Your Children’s Clothes

Instead of using a dresser, hang up your child’s clothes to save space in their bedroom! You can make more space in a child’s room for their bed and play area by trying to hang jackets, shirts, pants, and other clothing items in a bedroom closet or on a wall-mounted rack!

Shoes and accessories should be stored in storage bins.

Small children’s accessories, such as shoes, headbands and bows, socks, and hats and scarves, can take up a lot of space in a closet or dresser if not organised. Keep things neat and tidy by storing the above items in labelled plastic tubs or storage totes!

Remove the Closet Doors

If your child’s bedroom has a closet, removing the doors can give the illusion of more space. In a small children’s room, this can make a big able to distinguish between different! Not to mention how much extremely easy it is to access shelving, clothing, and other children’s items!

Bright, neutral colours should be used to decorate.

In a small kids room, using white, beige, or other light colours for wall paint and furniture can make the room appear larger than it is. This is also useful for making the transition a small nursery into a child’s room and later into a teen’s room because you can alter up the bedroom decor without having to repaint every time!

Add some colour and texture with pops of colour and texture.

With some unique colours and textures, you can help your child make their bedroom feel more like their own space. In kids room design, experiment with textured soft furnishings such as rugs or curtains, and choose decor in their favourite colours to add visual depth to the small space!

Maintain a simple layout.

When it comes to kids bedroom organisation, try to plan the space around how your child will use it. Make sure they have easy access to their bed and that any necessary items are nearby. Also, avoid overpopulation the space with unnecessary furniture! Clutter not only makes a child’s room appear smaller, but it could also cause injuries to both you and your child.

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Fill in the Blanks

Choosing a bright colour scheme will help to create an upbeat, youthful atmosphere in your child’s room. Decorate the room in your child’s favourite colours or choose a palette with two or three primary or pastel colours. Brighten up and personalise your child’s room with colourful bedspreads, blinds, rugs, and wall panels. For a pleasing visual, balance out bold colours with spots of soothing neutrals.


Rugs are an excellent way to add colour and warmth to your child’s room. Placing a rug next to your child’s bed will give them space to stretch out and play with toys, board games, puzzles, and art projects. Rugs are a better choice than wall-to-wall carpeting because they can be easily removed and cleaned. If your child is young, you can secure the rug with double-sided tape. Coordination of the rug with other elements in the room is recommended; you can even choose one with fun elements and cartoon characters. Choose a rug made of a material that can be easily washed and cleaned.